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2024 Calendar

Enter one or more of our qualifying events and if you win you secure your spot in the final! If you don’t win we still guarantee you’ll walk away having had the most fun on the golf course!

The Sands Torquay GC, VIC

Friday, 9th Feb 2024 – 12.30pm Shotgun

Clifton Springs, VIC

Friday, 23rd Feb 2024 – 12.00pm Shotgun

Innisfail Golf Club PM, FNQ

Sat, 2nd March 2024 – 12:30 pm Shotgun

Innisfail Golf Club, FNQ

Sun, 3rd March 2024 – 9.00am Shotgun

Palmer Sea Reef, FNQ (All Female)

Sunday April 14, 2024 – 8.30am Shotgun

Palmer Sea Reef (Masters Special)

Monday, 15th April 2024 – 09.00am Shotgun

Half Moon Bay Golf Club, FNQ

Friday, 19th April 2024 – 09.30am Shotgun

West Beach Parks AM Adelaide

Monday 29th April 2024 – 8:30am Shotgun

Weipa GC , Cape York QLD

Fri, 3rd May 2024

Black Bull Yarrawonga, VIC

Friday 10th May – 12:00pm Shotgun

Black Bull Yarrawonga, VIC

Sat 11th May – 9:00am Shotgun

Darwin Golf Club, NT

Friday, 7th June 2024 – 11.00am Shotgun

Gove Country Club, NT

Friday, 7th June 2024 – 10.00am Shotgun

Magnetic Island CC, QLD

Sat, 15th June 2024 – 10.30am Shotgun

Magnetic Island CC, QLD

Sun, 16th June 2024 – 9:00am Shotgun

Tropics GC, Townsville

Friday, 21st June 2024 – 12.00pm Shotgun

Rowes Bay GC, Central QLD

Sunday, 23rd June 2024 – 9.00am Shotgun

Leinster Golf Club, WA

Friday,19th July 2024 – 09.00am Shotgun

Sanctuary Cove (All Female), QLD

Thur,15th Aug 2024 -11:00am Shotgun

Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast QLD

Friday,16th August 2024 -11:00am Shotgun

Dalby Golf Club, QLD

Sat, 31st August 2024 -11:00am Shotgun

El Arish (Mission Beach) AM & PM, FNQ

Sat, 21st Sept 2024

Half Moon Bay GC (Junior Event), FNQ

Sun, 22nd Sept 2024 – 12.00pm Shotgun

Shortees Golf, Sydney NSW

Thur, 10th Oct 2024 – 03.30pm Shotgun

The Eastern GC, VIC

Friday, 25th Oct 2024 – 08.30am Shotgun

Palmer Sea Reef GC,  QLD

Sunday, 03rd Nov 2024 – 08.30am Shotgun

Atherton Golf Club, FNQ

Sun, 24th Nov 2024 – 09.00am Shotgun
Series Finale

Palmer Sea Reef, Port Douglas, QLD

Sunday, 8th December 2024
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