Survivor Golf
The Rules
Must have minimum of 8 drives each

Each player must take at least 8 of their drives over the 18 holes. Mark this on your card using the initials of the person who’s drive was taken for that hole.

NO Gimmies

No gimmies, ever. You can never give a player a putt in Survivor Golf.

NO continuation of putts

Always mark your ball on the green and never ‘tap in’ before your partner has a chance to putt. SCENARIO: You have a 10 foot putt, Player A putts first and Player B will putt second. Player A putts the ball to 1mm from going in the hole! So player A decides to tap the ball in the hole. This means the ball is in the hole and that is your teams score for the hole. Player B will now not get an opportunity to putt. Always mark your ball when putting first. Never tap in.

Teams to swap cards and score using Golf Genius

To ensure correct scoring across the board teams will swap cards and score the other team. 1 player from each team will also score their teams results through the golf genius app. This beams back the scores to us and we can provide live scoring at each event.

Lift, Clean and Place

As per 2-person Ambrose rules, each player may lift, clean and place their ball, prior to each shot. Always mark the ball first with a tee or marker. The ball may be placed within one scorecard length of the marker – no nearer the hole. You must remain on the same surface when re placing your ball. I.e. you cannot move the ball from the rough to the fairway – if it landed in the rough it must be re placed in the rough.

No Countbacks, PLAYOFFS ONLY

It’s knockout all the way baby! There’s no countbacks to define a winner in Survivor Golf. If two or more teams finish with the same net score. They play-off in a 90m shootout into the 18th green. No handicaps – best score wins. If a draw result happens in the playoff then the 90m hole is replayed until an outright winner is crowned.

All rulings to be made by Survivor Golf Committee

Survivor Golf will have a daily committee where all rulings on the day will be finalised by the Survivor Golf committee.

All cards must be signed and verified by marker

As per the rules of golf each card must be signed by 1 player from the team and by one player from the other team (the marker)

Get ready for an experience you’ll never forget!