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The handicap is worked out by combining both players GA. This is added together and dividing by 4. This is then rounded to the nearest whole number.

Survivor Golf has paired up with Golf Genius Australia. All scoring to be completed on Golf Genius and all official scores to be registered and marked on the Golf Genius app. Codes will be sent to all players 24 hours prior to tee off.

The winning team of each tournament will qualify for the Survivor Golf Final

You are allowed to play in the daily tournament and also win daily prizes. Unfortunately, you must have a Golf Australia active Handicap to be able to qualify for the Survivor Golf final

Over a period of 12 months, you must play 12 competitions rounds. If your handicap is only new, you must play 1 competition rd. per month prior to the final

You must select / nominate which individual drive you are taking before playing the 3rd off the tee. Both Players are allowed to re-tee off.

Your partner can be replaced by a golfer with the same handicap but not lower. For example, if your partner that withdraws has a HC of 10.0. He/she can NOT be replaced by anyone under that handicap. Your replacement will play off a Hcap of 10.0 even if their Hcap is greater. E.g., 12.5 will play off 10.

Preferably you enter the tournament as a pair. If you are nominating as a single, please contact the survivor team prior to entering the tournament. Please note we will attempt to find another single player to pair you up with, but there are no guarantees.

Survivor Golf will have a daily committee where all rulings on the day will be finalised on the day by the Survivor Golf committee.

$5 Administration fee will apply
Refunds are available 48 hours prior to tournament start dates.
Refunds will be subject to individual circumstances as decided by the Survivor Golf committee.

All prizes to be redeemed on the day at Survivor Golf. Any prizes left over will be left at the pro shop of the participating Golf Club.

Club Pro’s are allowed to play but will play off a handicap of Scratch or off + if Hcap is in negatives. For example. 4.3 plays of 0.0, +2 plays off +2. Unfortunately, touring pros are ineligible to play Survivor Golf Series.

To be considered a Junior Team both players must be under the age of 18 prior to teeing off the qualifying round. Mixed pairing means a male and a female making up the team.

Flight vouchers will be provided to winning teams for the Survivor Golf final. Please note this will vary depending on location of event.

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