West Beach Parks – RADelaide

April 29, 2024

We are still basking in the excitement of our recent Survivor Golf Tournament Series event in South Australia. The debut in the ‘Wine State’ was nothing short of spectacular, with plenty of smiles and a few heavy heads after the thrilling victory of RIPPER GC at LIV GOLF the day before.

The energy was palpable as our first-ever South Australian team geared up for the highly anticipated Port Douglas Grand Final in December. Thanks to the support of Red Bull, our golfers were full of energy and ready to tackle the challenging format at West Beach Parks GC.

The legendary Darren Jarmen set the tone with a flying start, showing no signs of big match nerves and taking an early lead, closely followed by a large field in hot pursuit.

The mid-match entertainment and challenges, courtesy of LET Access Touring Pro Kristalle Blum, added an extra layer of excitement. Kristalle took on the field with an Adidas Beat the PRO NTP challenge, offering 100 TP5 Golf Balls. Thanks to her pinpoint accuracy, only 34 balls were given away, showcasing the skill of our participants.

With just 3 holes to go, seven teams were within one shot of the lead. Thanks to Golf Genius, the final 3 holes remained a mystery, adding to the suspense and excitement.

In a historic moment for Survivor Golf, all teams finished even par or better, a testament to the skill of our participants, the format, and the excellent course conditions.

After an impressive performance, Team Apples emerged victorious, finishing with an Eagle and 9 Birdies, ending at Nett 11 Under. Their humility was evident in their speech after the Red Bull Shower.

John and Stephen expressed their excitement, stating, “We are so pumped with today’s victory and we wanted to play survivor golf for a long time. We are so excited to represent SA in the final in December and truly grateful to the sponsors and Survivor Golf for the incredible prizes.”

As we look ahead, our next three events promise to be just as thrilling. Please visit our website for details on upcoming events and registration information. Thank you to everyone who participated, supported, and sponsored the Survivor Golf Tournament Series. Your enthusiasm and passion for the game make this series truly special.

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